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Nowadays, nanotechnologies hold remarkable potential for Swiss companies active in the field of plastics. The conference hosted in Fribourg aims at providing industry professionals with impulses for innovation which render companies in plastics more competitive and strengthen their market position. The conference gathers professionals from academia and industry which foster innovation by sharing their expertise. 

The speakers will demonstrate the wide spectrum of industrial applications nanotechnologies behold for the plastics industry which are among others: plastic parts produced with optical effects, textures enhancing productivity or applied for counterfeiting, micro- and nano-encapsulation for the dosage of drugs, surface functionalization by the means of ions- or alternatively by electron beam, components for lithium-ion-electrodes, 3D prints of thermoplastic materials as well as the development of new materials based on the compounding process.

Participants of the conference discover not only indicated technologies but more importantly their concrete applications for specific industries. Especially complex technologies require an application-oriented approach which demonstrates the added value and its applicability for the plastics industry, which is hence the main focus of the conference.

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